Welcome to Lucy's Bins

Want a solution to removing your rubbish that is clean and safe? We provide hassle free rubbish removal collected from your door.

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We collect your bin from wherever you leave it and return it once emptied. Hassle free rubbish collected from your door.

Is your house a war-zone of stress and anger unleashed on your family? Is remembering to get the rubbish out on time causing so much drama first thing in the morning...

Injuries or age can make it difficult to get rid of the rubbish…no one there to help you take your bin out?? worried that you may hurt yourself trying!

Sometimes we don’t even notice that our rubbish situation has gotten completely out of control…the stress and worry causes you to hit the roof!!!

Do you want a hassle free solution to rubbish removal that is safe and clean??? Well we can help. Lucy's Bins collects your bin from your door (or wherever you leave it) and returns it once emptied.